An annual international photographic exhibition/contest FOTOAWARD is hosted and judged by a wide audience from various countries on the internet platform, and later separately by two independent authoritative juries.


Russian-language media portal founded in 2001, one of the first Russian social networks. You can register on the site only at the invitation of another member or for a fee. The audience of is diverse, from different countries, and comprised primarily of individuals who are not photographers. has, on average, more than 11,200,000 views and 2,500,000 visitors per month, according to a
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The rules of the site can be found here and also in User Agreement.


  • is a non-commercial photography community inside with more than 40,700 registered subscribers.
  • All members can see and rate the photographic works on, which creates a large, diverse, and non-biased audience.
  • All works published in the photo community are entered into the monthly and annual competitions.
  • The contest is free, but you shall demonstrate some of your works to be invited.

See About the Contest for details of the photo contest and rules for participation

Art photography can unite people from different countries, and different views, for peace.