• HOYA is the world leader in color filters for photo and video equipment for almost 80 years, sponsor of the photo contest. It is also a leading international corporation in fields such as electro-optics, photonics, ophthalmology and healthcare.
  • Three winners of the photo contest will receive sets of the latest HOYA filters models.
  • Winners will be able to choose the correct filter diameter for their lens, available sizes: 49 52 55 58 62 67 72 77 82 mm

● 1st Prize

The HOYA Sq100 square filter system can be used with almost any lens. No need to purchase separate filters for each lens. The filters of the system are rimless, so there is no risk of vignetting. It is more convenient to combine filters since the system allows you to use up to three square filters at the same time in addition to the polarizer. Changing filters is faster and easier than with round filters. The prize consists of three parts:

  2. Consisting of a holder, a polarizing filter and two prong adapters that secure the polarizing filter inside holder and connected to the lens.
  3. ND FILTER 1000
  4. Neutral density filter that reduces exposure by 10 stops.
  6. Adapter rings for using the HOYA Sq100 square filter system with various lenses. Available sizes (mm) 46 52 58 62 67 72 77 86

● 2nd Prize

Two filters of the most advanced nano Mk II series

Designed for shooting in difficult conditions with an increased risk of physical damage. Apart from chemical improved ultra-strong optical glass, this series uses a new scratch-resistant nano-coating, providing not only reliable protection of the objective lens, but also the durability of the coating of the filter itself.

HD nano Mk II CIR–PL - circular polarizing filter

HD nano Mk II UV - high strength protective filter

● 3rd Prize

Set of 3 most popular ND filters: